This ad hoc, grassroots organization has been established to support initiatives that will lead to job growth in Palmer, Massachusetts, for its citizens and to stimulate long term economic growth for Palmer. The group represents a cross section of individuals concerned about Palmer’s economic vitality and future growth. Job growth and economic development will improve the Palmer economy, provide additional real estate taxes to support Palmer services and will increase the standard of living of Palmer residents. The group consists of individuals interested in economic growth in Palmer and will reach out to concerned citizens, local businesses and others concerned about the future economic well-being of Palmer.

The primary objective of the group is to offer support to current and future jobs and economic growth initiatives underway including, but not limited to, the planned development of a destination resort casino in Palmer and the development of dormant and underutilized properties throughout the commercial district for future development. This is a challenging time economically for Palmer and many communities throughout Massachusetts. It is also a time of great opportunity and Citizens for Jobs and Growth in Palmer is committed to supporting and advocating initiatives that will advance the Palmer economy and its workforce.